Friday, August 7, 2009


So where to begin... I haven't drawn for a while.. but then I bought a wacom tablet and Corel 11. F*CKIN AWESOME by the way. I was really rusty so I decided I would badly draw a naked lady:
For some reason I actually liked it and decided to flesh her out and give her fantastic red eighties hair:
Meanwhile I am listening to MGMT "Electric Feel" and I decided to answer the question "Why is she holding a stick?" Because she is an electric sheep farmer of course!
Also, I decided I'd try out the lighting effects in Corel, umm they are awesome.
I would like to note that she has light-bulb earrings! And I want her boots! Oh and her doggy is my doggy. Did I use reference? Well I will say Michele Pfeiffer.


  1. Good Lord, the colors!!! I feel like I'm looking at the cover of a book by L. Ron Hubbard or something along those lines. This is out there. You and your imagination, geez. So much that I can learn from thee *bows*

  2. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! *cries* i'm gonna go stop trying to paint now...

    also, Electric Feel!!!!! MGMT!!!! I LOVE IT!

  3. Thanks guys!! I'm super proud of this one! L. Ron Hubbard! Nooooooo!!
    AND KIKI IF I HAVE TO GO OVER THERE AND FORCE YOU TO PAINT I SHALL!!! You have learned in two years what I have learned in like I dunno a lifetime? So if you do the math you will be far superior to me in like another 2 years! Your such a fast learner!

    Also I figured some cool tricks in Corel! Like you can do "rendering" and lighting etc... I did it here. I would love to show people how to use the program properly! Drawings look way more awesome with Corel cheatings!