Friday, January 7, 2011

Kitchen . . . Pt. 1!!!

The dogy is my doggy. The kitchen is a mixture of my family's kitchen and my imagination.
Used EXTENSIVE layouts for this.


  1. Can I ask, and you can call me stupid if its a silly question. But what do you mean by extensive layouts? Its brilliant work otherwise

  2. YO! I've been checking this layout for a long while now and have totally forgot to leave you a nasty compliment. I fokn' love this thing. You're style has totally advanced (which is incredible) and you're the shiz. This one is up there with a Myazaki background. You're awesome.

  3. killer work marn-face
    doing great things

  4. I'm also curious about the extensive layouts as well. There's so much detail that it wouldn't be surprising to use dozens of photoshop layers. It's vibrant and remains me of a Miyazaki background. Keep up the great work!