Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Warp!

I had to do one! I've been so outrageously busy with work and school that I haven't had a chance to sit and paint something for myself. This was fun to do and I learned a lot, actually! It's like character design - but you use yourself as the subject! It is a great exercise, highly recommend other's do the same!


  1. I love this so much! And you really laid on the vintage colors, which makes sense, 'cause - DUH!!! - we're doin' a time warp!!! Oh, that all-nighter phase brings back so many sweet (and semi-painful, but in the good way!) memories ^_^

  2. Dear Miss Marnie,

    I like this, like really like it a lot! It's interesting to try to characterize yourself into stages when in actuality it's all a big messy blob until you look at old photos and realize how strange you use to look. I however have never been fortunate enough to go through a purple pants stage but maybe this will be my year... Anyways hope all is well with you and I have to say I really love your blog, someday when I grow up I wanna be as good as you.

  3. I love little kid-Marnie. She's really cute and also a very good design. Draw more kids.