Tuesday, January 19, 2010

SCENE! ANIMATION! THESIS! (Note: animation to be fixed!!!!)

THESIS SCENE! WARNING! Shoddy anim.!!!

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  1. whoa.

    listen kid - on the low - that scene alone had more beautiful in it than anything i've ever seen in a student film. animation, live action, whatever.

    fix the animation and you win. also, if you want to super-deluxe the bird flight you can separate the birds into another layer or two and move them slightly slower - that way it will look like your flock has more depth. but these are all technical quality bullshit suggestions. the sheer visual beauty and style are so thick with mood and heart and love that these kind of minor technical things really don't matter much.

    I was concerned when you decided to do this story for your thesis because I wasn't sure you could pull it off. I now know those concerns were ill-founded. Keep up the good work. i'm rooting for you marnglar b.