Monday, June 22, 2009

sono di ROMA!!

HELLo and greetings from Rome! Ugh it is hot and armpitty here and I am studying Italian and Archaeology. I have done several doodoos and drawings whilst here. I SHALL (past imperative?) scan them when I get back! Hot damn I can't wait to g back to the states and type on a normal damned key board!
Several things to rant about while i remember;
You cannot go anywhere and expect to get:
couples not going at it
anything between 1pm and 4pm or in the morning...
no pee or cigarettes on the ground.
inspiration :(
BUT you can get killer cappuccinos!


  1. Marnie, you crack me up XD Glad to see you're having fun, and enjoying the killer cappuccinos. Hmmm, I'm suddenly cravin' dat shit...

  2. Hi Marnie! Thanks for your kind words! anyway, I can't wait to see your drawings, I'm sure they will be amazing as always. also, I am glad to hear about the cappaccinos!! i have not had a good one since I was home!