Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hello all! I don't know if I will finish this. I'm getting to it though. It is done in colored pencils primarily, markers, oil paint and turpentine.
It is Greek in nature but it is also about death and its messengers.


  1. I can't believe that's colored pencil. Your mastery of paint and other coloring tools never ceases to amaze me. The young man is looking mighty hot. And when looking at it in small thumbnail size, it almost looks like an actual photograph.

  2. I must finish! and thanks Kristina for your never ending flattery!

  3. Marnglar is a color-goddess.

    that said, i feel like the perspective/proportions of the old man's hand are wonkys. (?) I'm only mentioning it because it's not finished and it's right in the center of the frame of an otherwise flawless and stunning piece of work.

    ... and you know i only bother to offer critique to artists i love and respect.

  4. whoa color pencils?! go Marnie go~! I wanna see this finished as well. :)